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Bodybuilding Nutrition Muscle Chili and Muscle Tacos Recipe With Victor Costa - Vic's Natural

  • from: victorcosta
  • uploaded: Nov 27, 2012
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Muscle Building High Protein Recipe for Chili Muscle Building Nutrition
Healthy Weight Loss tips; Meals, Motivation, Diet Plans, Weight Training, Fitness, Video Recipes.
Bodybuilding Diet Lose Weight and Get Ripped Muscle Building Chili Eating Chili with Victor Costa
You're going to love this Chili. Only 300 calories per serving and 8 grams of fat , 30 grams of protein. Here's the best part It's only about $3.00 per serving. It keeps well and I know you're going to have 2 servings minimum and that's 60 grams of protein. Awesome
1.) You will need Pam cooking Spray
2.)97% Lean Ground Turkey ( Yes 3% fat) not bad 160 calories and 22 grams of protein per serving. 8 grams of fat but only 2.5 grams of saturated fat. We use Shady Brook Farms. $6.99 was about 20 ounces , servings 5 about $1.39 per serving
3.) Goya Red Kidney Beans $1.25 per can 8 grams of protein per serving cost .35 cts per serving 0 fat
4.) Del Monte Petit cut Diced Tomatoes ( We use Del Monet Zesty Jalapeno flavored) cost $1.66 per can , 3.5 servings so about .47 cts per serving 20 calories per serving
5.) McCormick Original Chili Seasoning Mix cost 2.39 per package, use 1/2 package 30 calories per serving cost per serving about .35 cts
6.) Del Monte tomato sauce , can Costs .75 cts , about .21 cts per serving 20 calories per serving

1.) Prepare pan with Pam cooking Spray
2.) Brown meat on medium heat( cook through)
3.) Put meat on outside of pan, leaving a little hole in the middle of the pan.
4.) Drain water from can of Red Kidney Beans
4.) Place Kidney Beans in the middle 9 cook for 1 minute with beans in middle
5.) Sprinkle Chili powder over meat and beans - coat once using
6.) Fold Chili Power into meat and beans
7.) Then add diced tomatoes- cook 1 minute more, until saucy( keep stirring)
8.) Then add tomato sauce stir and cook 5 to 7 more minutes on medium heat stirring Chili in pan , trying to look cool and muscular.
*** If you want Tacos, use Ortega Taco Shells, 120 calories per 2 shells, 3 fat grams per shell.
Cost per serving about $3.01 as Chili
Cost Per serving as Tacos About $3.58
Real Food, Taste Great
Love you guys, Vic

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