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New Year’s Resolution Revolution

by admin - Apr 26, 2013 - 0


You are officially 1/3 into what was supposed to be the shiny, new, full-of-promise 2013. That’s right. In the blink of countless resolution missteps, the best of exercise intentions and dull dinner reruns, you’ve reached a milestone in the year of the New You.

It’s quite scary, isn’t it? How quickly time flies. New Year’s Eve feels so long ago, and with it the excitement you had felt for the year ahead. This one manages to feel exactly like the one before, and the one before that. And for good reason. Life just gets in the way.

But the timeliness of today – with winter officially behind us and spring warming our happy faces – offers the ability to join forces with all that is blooming and coming alive around us. The first daffodils are forcing their way through layers of dirt. The trees are unfolding their Spring wardrobe. Our senses are coming alive as we shed our tired winter sweaters and anticipate all that the coming months have to offer.

We’ve also settled back into our groove, with the biggie holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hanukkah and New Year’s Eve behind us. The days are longer, the temperatures warmer.

You have found yourself considering a more energized workout plan and it isn’t all that disheartening. Uncovering the grill and launching the season of seared proteins with a side of grilled veggies makes eating healthier just a little bit easier.

It starts to seem like making resolutions in the darkest, coldest, often most hectic time of year is sort of ridiculous. Perhaps our resolutions should be aligned with what really feels like a fresh start: Spring. Our time may be more limited in reaching our goals by starting 1/3 of the way into 2013, but our abilities and motivations may very well increase our chance for success.

Now recall what what was important enough for you to prioritize and assign a resolution to, back in the fog of several glasses of champagne and the promise of this being The Year. Then decide how that fits into your world. You’ve gained more time in the day to exercise. Fresh produce is evolving with the season and offering more than the boring root vegetables available in the winter months. The path to fulfilling your resolutions may now feel much easier to achieve than you initially thought.

So let’s officially declare today as day one of Operation New Year/New You. What may have seemed far-fetched and unachievable four months ago in your painful attempt to rise above the bleak winter days, may now seem more attainable than ever. This truly is the season of rebirth. And no excuses. Where inspiration lurks in the form of a new swimsuit and plans at the beach. Where the sun provides a source of energy and motivation to be healthier. Where the beauty that surrounds you lifts your mood and encourages a sense of well-being that comes with making an effort at somehow doing better for yourself.

Because, as we’ve been told, there’s no time like the present. And the greatest gift to yourself is getting a second chance at being the you that you decided 118 days ago to be. 

Written by YoFitTV Guest Blogger, Lonnie Lattie

Lonni Lattie, Partner, Sollus

Sollus (Latin for whole) focuses on the whole picture of health - nutrition AND fitness. Their programs offer one-on-one support in determining the personal challenges to reaching goals and providing solutions that fit one's world. No diets, supplements, calorie-counting or extreme fitness regimens, they focus on real life with real results. For more information on their services, visit





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